Literary work

To consider before going further with my writings:.  I'm not a professional writer, neither this has been my goal, I have no literature academic background.  However writing has been more than a hobby to me, I've always considered language mainly as the tool to organize my thinking, what I am, and to effectively transmit to others what I consider important.  Not only with informative language, I don't love the idea of a pure hedonistic art, I like to think in art as office, its original definition, that improves as long as it becomes more efficient in fulfilling its role, in this case trying to make sure the message reach the other end.  Following this approach, I value specially the artist who has something to say, personally I don't publish unless I truly believe some idea of mine can be useful to others.  It's with this goal in mind that I put, and I will for the rest of my life, my everyday effort, will and enthusiasm in improving my Spanish, my mother tongue, as well as my English (this note is especially addressed to native English speakers who will have to be even more patient with my writings.)  That said, I beg the reader to consider my approach and forgive my faults, I promise I'll try to improve. :-)




Short Tales