1. To mock Cervantes' character is just a redundancy.  You don't need to be a Quixote to justify your existence.  Not being part of the windmills would be enough.
  2. I don't trust those who never have enough time to establish a dialog.  I don't trust those who read and write in a lazy way.  I don't trust line by line computer brained assholes, those who take more than one paragraph by affected prose to justify they're unable to get the idea in a whole human discourse.  I'd spend some more time in telling you why, but I don't trust you.
  3. Salvador Dalí said that to be a good painter you need to be a bit fool.  After twenty years dedicated to the music I ended up thinking the same about being a good musician.  After more than half life treating all kind of people I came to the same conclusion about being a good person.
  4. To live in the present: three days ago you decided to turn left.  You decided the same the day before yesterday, and once again yesterday, and the same today.  Without noticing, after a long ride, you're now in the same place you were three days ago.  But four days older.
  5. Even being his right-hand man he wasn't able to shut up in front of the last arbitrary rule taken by the despotic leader.
       “But, general…, why?”
       “Culture is in our ideals,” answered the dictator.
  6. Fortunately, I've never witnessed it; being a child I was told if you tie a cord with a can to a cat's tail it runs to death.  I find interesting to search for analogies where a human being is the victim of this kind of deceit, especially in my own life, aware of fear often nests in ignorance.  Surely I'd find more than one looking at the lives of those who enjoy doing that to a cat.
  7. It's ever been unquestionable for me that the subject is, by far, more interesting than the object.  In fact, if I had to leave right now the only I'd carry with me would be the nice memories of those moments I've shared with others without caring too much if working, dinning or playing cards.  Just as an illustrative example: I've never found sense in having sex with a prostitute.  It'll seem a contradiction but—perhaps fooled as anyone by what psychologists call a projection—I feel I'm talking objectively, from my sane ambition and selfishness, hence I suppose not being more or less mature than those who see in their peers simple utensils.
  8. Curriculum Vitae: even those who threw the newborn in a dumpster experienced maternity.
  9. Since reason is my law, to be right does nothing but frustrating me.
  10. Lots of sayings, even biblical proverbs, discourage arguing with idiots.  But you don't want to follow this strictly unless you enjoy talking to yourself the whole day.  Or writing.
  11. Arguing against or in favor of any religion is a counter sense—I assume everyone is able to understand this without any further explanation.  But don't blame yourself if you fall in this trap, it's not always easy to distinguish clarifying from selling.  After all, any argument is eventually swallowed by this black hole religion is.  In a world where “Why” and “What for” are conspicuous by their absence, headed by economy and seconded by politics, religious thinking rules as it pleases, in some cases disguised as science, to look modern.  We have enough history on our backs, enough empirical evidence that it's barely been a platonic dream: scientific thinking is never going to have the last word.
  12. Who really understands current world status quo realizes in most cases the constructive option is not constructing.
  13. To distinguish what's unnecessary to avoid useless movements towards a better effectiveness.  That's to be wise.
  14. “It's easier to think negatively,” I heard someone to state.  How does this theory explain most optimists are idiots?
  15. I've lost count of those who tried to teach me lessons in life and in humility at the same time!
  16. The myth tells us Prometheus stole gods' sacred fire and facilitated it to his creation.  Clearly it wasn't an act of “forethought” and well deserved Zeus' punishment: has there been a man able to actually profit from or, at least, to live friendly with power?
  17. You recognize a philosopher in that, despite lawyers, politicians and people in general, he doesn't talk or discus to defend a personal interest, to beat an opponent, to “win” the game; he confronts truths as a kamikaze, aware that in all cases to accomplish his goal implies to lose.
  18. Quality of life: I know from experience that even in a cave and with one meal a day you can live decently as long as you manage to keep yourself out of the reach of that mixture of idiocy and low self-esteem that defines the ordinary man.
  19. Your best friend probably patronized you; concealing how repulsive was for him to find out you had your own point of view he limited himself to pretend to hear you.
  20. A young boy ignorant and inexpert in a matter tries to give advice about career and life to someone much older than him and with years of study and experience on his back.  Twenty years later the older, on purpose, reminds the younger of that event.  Unable to remember, the younger inquires how his words—wise words, he today 'guesses' they surely were—could have influenced and affected the life of the older to the point to remain in his memory all those years.
  21. Masturbation passed from being considered sick and shameful to embrace all aspects and levels of our existence.
  22. Of course, theoretically, all done by mankind can rightly be considered part of what we call culture.  But, what I like to think culture is (or should be) just lives in the consciousness of some few minds.
  23. P.S. to Hobbyists: surely quite a few, as skilled in software development as the famous Guru, have experienced something similar (or analogous) to what happened to him with that printer at the MIT AI Lab years ago.  But the lack of freedom seems to produce no effect on most people.
  24. It's funny to hear from a scientist that some species is at risk of extinction, even funnier the supposed ecological measures many people propose and implement.  For example, some woman in Catalonia says she's saving a species of goat, native to that zone, by breeding it in her farm and utilizing (commercializing) its meat and milk; “If you want to save a species, eat it,” she states.  There are those who think they're saving the dog by adopting it as a pet, and those who own a castrated cat and think they're contributing to avoid “maltreatment” to animals by eating soy burgers.  Alas, my poor lost androids of modernity!, the incremental process of degradation and destruction of life on this planet by our hands started thousands of years ago, when we became sedentary; to think any idea or measure born from us could revert, stop or palliate this process comes from the same misconception that generates it in a first instance.
  25. “You will know them by their fruits,” said Matthew.  Who would need faith if this judgment were fair!
  26. It has happened to me since ever that when I end getting really skilled in some task I don't longer need it.  God uses these tricks to remind us of we don't have power or authority over anything.  That's why it concerns me–despite I'm not too old–the feeling I'm starting to learn how to live.
  27. Do you want to compete at an advantage?  Let them win!
  28. God is a child.  We are his toys.
  29. It doesn't care how much money you manage.  Being a creak or a big river you'll just see water passing by.
  30. Neither a mother is unconditional.  It's all about how you live, live with, negotiate.  Who to our eyes is clever in this sense can eventually win our trust and even our loyalty.
  31. My late mother used to say “Misery is not poverty.”  Over means, skills and circumstances, folk knowledge condemns others for their psychology.
  32. Plainly said, the way men distort the truth to justify their vices and caprices is repugnant.
  33. I think my wife and I have been good parents.  The proof is we decided not to have children.
  34. Logic doesn't solve problems, jumping levels of abstraction does.  Cutting your legs could simplify your organism but not your life.
  35. How we could understand each other!  A sparrow is killed by captivity, a canary is killed by freedom.
  36. Life taught me that to eat you need to kill as well as that, in general terms, actually doing the best for yourself in the long term you're also doing the best for everyone.
  37. For the prize “to be right,” they compete.  Thus they dress their knowledge to impress the audience.  Alien to others my aim, it bewilders not seeing me barking, grunting like everyone for that worn down bone, they don't get that for me to win is to concede, to be wrong.  Then, naked, in front of myself, my prize is the Truth.
  38. This has been a recurrent situation in my life, individuals who has disregarded me, despised me or even told me they felt “pity” for me just because they weren't able to understand me.  A problem in itself has no solution, you can do no more than feel pity for who suffers it, however these individuals have rather made me feel frustration.
  39. The most experienced blacksmith won't be able to improve a hammer if he loses the notion of what it's useful for.
  40. As someone with a strong vocation at early age I realized finding what you're looking for isn't easy.  You can spend half of your life digging just to find out there is nothing there.  So even knowing this world is plenty of charlatan, vicious people I don't hasten to underestimate what has to offer who crosses my path.
  41. The pattern changes not one minute before, not one minute after but exactly when I start to think I'm able to predict.  I'm not referring to one-off occasion, this has happened to me with everything since ever along my life.  What other way can I interpret this recurrent experience in but as the signal from a intelligent being reminding me again and again neither science nor chance have the last word?  For historical reasons, while it doesn't come to mind a better one, God is a good nickname.
  42. It can be exactly the opposite of what it appears to be..., or vice versa. :-)