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I rather gave use to electronic mail until I migrated to Spain where I thought it'd be useful to contact my loved ones, but reality punched me one more time in the face as it has been doing since my childhood, when who I thought was my best friend began to pass by without noticing me overnight.  Despite consciousness, abstraction and other juggling acts it's allegedly capable of, human mind is as flat and simple as those of the rest of creatures, merely functional at basic survival level and no much more, it doesn't matter how much time or under which circumstances someone had to live with you, whether it's family, a friend, an acquaintance: half a month without seeing your face is enough for them to bury you alive.  You could, at least, play to be Tarzan if it weren't for their basic survival instinct has been highly manipulated.

There are those who say people are multinational's cattle, I'd better just say “people are cattle,” to not fall in the common place of blaming the powerful about everything, which is another understandable cattle's habit (as well as revolutionary's.)

Along my life I've met some individuals who, judging by the way they behaved, appeared to be exceptions to that rule.  They, obviously, caught my attention and, in some cases, my consideration.  That's how I learned you can't judge people by what they say or do, you need to know their intention and, more importantly, their motivation.  Of course, to get to know others motivations, specially the deeper ones, is a one-way ticket, hence it's not wise to make final conclusions about anyone.  We can presume, however, that when we find out that some individual's motivation isn't personal, authentic or deep enough, chances are he doesn't deserve the credit his deeds had given him.  About the “rule”: someone moved by pure vanity can't be immune to the systematic domestication we're all subdue today.

Well, I still have those friends I've found in books.

The way people disappoint you is just the surface of the main problem that's their lack of interest.  It means a problem because their lack of interest is not punctual, as I insinuated in other writings of mine all what's wrong with mankind can be reduced to a single sentence: people are not truly interested in anything.

Unknown feelings for them, they mistake respect for fear, trust for credulity, confidence and self-esteem for pride or arrogance, it's the lack of these foundations the origin of their apathy and what makes of them docile animals; and there's no need to beat them with a stick, a bit of advertising is all it takes to make them go into their cage to eat feed, or give their lives in a war against any enemy of that same system that slaved them.

Don't let appearances deceive you, the lack of interest I'm talking about is not evident, they even created an argument for the only purpose of disguising this congenital apathy: the argument of “optimism.”  They look very enthusiastic, they put lots of energy and hard work in what the media sold them as values.  So persuaded they are, they'll accuse you of disrespectful and inconsiderate if you don't share their enthusiasm for the latest trend.  You'll see them progress and succeed when it comes to injected values (at least those living in the appropriate half of the globe,) however the lack of an honest life plan and goals becomes apparent in how they totally neglect matters which mean a priority for everyone, their immediate environment, mainly their relationship with their loved ones and with themselves as a person, finally the environment in general, since it obviously affects them and their family (and we all) in terms of health and quality of life.

Most of those who live in the so called “developed” countries have a roof, which they may share with a partner or children, but you'll rarely feel the warmth of an authentic “home” in their places; this is perhaps the main among the most evident symptoms.  Another is the role friendship plays in their lives, they're not at all interested in the human relationship itself, it has to favor some consumer activity for them consider it worthy of their time.  Today it's not the coffee, the beer or the movie, it's the friend the excuse; cities structure and culture favor you to be alone in the sense that nobody will care about you, but won't forgive you to “consume” alone, that would mark you as a loser!  To go out you better call some friend of yours, or more than one to go to a concert or a nightclub (you need to meet these places higher consumption demands.)  Originally, music was one with its mother, the dance, as part of an old ritual, the leisure environment where people used to meet each other, today music is a bunch of bits in a mp3 player that people carry with headphones to isolate themselves from the world around, the same can be said about nightclubs where the loud music, lights and smoke sabotage any attempt of dialog.  People consume music and go to a nightclub to consume, friends play the same role as the trade mark logo in the trendy clothes they already paid for.  Where does all this confusion come from?  It's just modern society doing with you the same you do with your dog, it uses a rubber bone to trick you into doing what is in its interest.

Reasons for which it's imperative to reduce consumption are of public knowledge, however people consume more every day.  New generations, grown up in this environment, where the authentic human relationship more than devalued is absent, will consume even more and in a more idiotic way, trying to fill that bottomless hole that is the lack of a true, sane affective component in their lives.

That your farce is the only thing you have, the only thing you've cultivated? That is too late to get out of that bubble?  Well, you can still call me a pessimist.

©2019 - Walter Alejandro Iglesias

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