Fixing the world

More than once someone accused me of beating around the bush; I can attest that thanks to this tendency of mine I learned the problem seldom contains its cause, when there is no solution.  I was also told I “think too much,” expected from today perspective, anything that takes more than three minutes without monetary benefits is considered a waste of time.  What's indeed a vicious tendency is this general laziness at time to think, to analyze, this is harmful at all levels.

Let's use as a start point an example of “cause within the problem”: the specialization of economy has promoted specialization in all professions, this approach has educated full generations of clever idiots, what Americans call “experts.”  Once context is lost there's no way around, the problem is already contained by itself, problem and cause feed each other, from then on cognitive development is artificial.  This is properly said a “vicious mind,” encrusted thinking that eventually explode (metastasis) on prolific production of “pies in the sky,” cancerous cell of today society.

These “lost androids of modernity,” as I called them two decades ago in my first novel (sorry, its in Spanish), can see little further their noses; what happens out of their microcosm is alien to them.  Following the dictates of fashion, they solve anything out of their area of knowledge by paying to the respective expert (keeping some ass washing expert phone number at hand is essential) and address what's in their field of expertise taking only in care the variables directly affecting the issue in front of them, of course from the monetary point of view exclusively.  These authentic “monkeys with machine guns” are the professionals of our modern world.

Specialization wouldn't have affected people to that extent without an early conditioning; to form “society adapted” individuals, seen as a positive feature, means nothing but to breed them in captivity as farm animals.  A fully controlled and regulated environment kills initiative, ability to think and take decisions.  A fully artificial environment disconnects individuals at all levels from the fundamental context, Mother Nature, actual main responsible for producing and maintaining not only lettuce and tomatoes but everything (including us) hence undisputed actual basement of economy over any human abstraction (money).  The main fires fuel is also our bodies main fuel (by the way, people don't see value on breathing because so far they don't have to pay for it), you can't ask independence, responsibility, maturity, awareness, from someone educated to be a lamb.  By result, we see that for most people life is just a bunch of habits learned by imitation.  We see how adults, supposedly in their right mind, don't distinguish need from vice and how they defend their supposed interests in a childish egocentric way, taking decisions that far from solving their problems worsen them (mostly debts they went into fooled by the market) and continue feeding who had washed their brains in the first instance.

Ask anyone why they do what they do, why in the way they do it and, above all, why to the extent they do it, given that, not by chance, it's in this third aspect we see the most serious failure.  If it's the way they make a living, the excuse will be Money, end of discussion, otherwise they'll start vomiting nonsense implying they need to do that or they save money doing it in that way (obviously they don't) till eventually, feeling trapped, they'll employ the final argument: But, it's “what everyone does”!  Furthermore, if they find out you don't do that and in the same way and extent as “everyone does” they'll hurry up to report you to the authorities (probably they already did it whether or not the discussion took place), sure to be heard since governments, laws and rules are there to take crowd's money and votes, so even if the habit we're talking about is a mere vice which practice harms not only those interested but also others around, just because, again, it's “what everyone does,” laws will definitely be on their side.

Someone could blame the lack of values, in the moral sense.  Moral is religion applied to practical matters.  Reason has no effect on people, they're moved by fear, you need to use religion to educate them.  The uncertainty at time to choose and take decisions by their own is an unbearable feeling for them, and since they go through life without actual personal goals they don't need to plan, they don't need “to think too much,” they just go with the flow.  Any matter, be science, technology, art, all is interpreted and experienced from a religious point of view (i.e. ecology.)  Fear is the boss.  To change their consumer habits for cheaper ones to reduce production costs to big companies or to simply recycle people habits to keep them producing and consuming (moving money), you have to resort to the modern religion: fashion.  And, what else is fashion besides “what everyone does”?

As it sounds, don't expect any amount of reasoning will make people change any of their habits, the only entity able to perform this miracle is TV, the magic window showing “what everyone does” (fashion) or, better said, what from money point of view is convenient to make them believe everyone does.  Time to time people are re-programmed in this way, upgraded to a new, optimized, “consumption-production machine” version.

As an illustrative real life example let's take a leisure activity in vogue; in the few places where still some piece of nature survives (here in Europe there are left only what they call “natural parks” that look like nature from a distance) you won't see people going there to take a break from noise and pollution, on the contrary they go there to practice motocross and quad almost exclusively (I live in a small urbanization right next to one of these natural parks, so I know what I'm talking about).  For the reasons already explained this happens all around the world, except for those places without uncensored TV or purchase power (if moving to a smaller apartment and feeding your children with fast food exclusively don't still let you afford some of these expensive toys, as well as to be in tune with the rest of last world tendencies, it's because you're surely suffering the “unhealthy” economy of some “undeveloped” country).  It's more than evident that people were “programmed” to consume oil in any activity, the more the better.  If you ask those idiots with their quads damaging the few forests still standing why they do it they'll respond it's their “favorite sport,” when it's neither of both, a sport should be a healthful activity and, favorite?, how can someone be convinced he's doing what he wants when he can see everyone around the globe doing exactly the same?  It's remarkable how able people are to deny.

But to individuals totally ignore their own senses, their own understanding and life experience at time to take decisions and limit themselves to follow the cattle it must be a deeper break.  A castration at affections level; their mothers' love (constituent of authentic “home”), their friends' love, love for their family, love for their profession…, who has time today for these pretentiousness!  Good citizens aren't persons but system gears.  The cognitive disconnection is first affective disconnection.

Countless times I repeated to my loved ones: there are three essential points in any relationship, love, trust and respect.  Curiously, from all the philosophers, sociologists and psychologists I read the only one I heard this same statement from was a Mexican guy who trains dogs in some American TV show.  First you must love, trust and respect yourself.  When the lack of these qualities is severe the individual becomes self-destructive and harmful to anyone around.  Life taught me this in the bad way, my father and brother were two acute examples of this “lack of self-esteem” pandemic.  Not by chance, in this article I'm doing nothing but to insist in the main subject (and motivation) of the three novels I wrote.

All that said, what is the origin of the problem, then?

As for me, you can tie me to a chair with some Clockwork Orange gadget in my eyes in front of a TV and strafe me with hundreds of car advertisements during a week that, once the treatment is finished, I'll get up and jump to my bike without feeling I'm foregoing anything.  It's not frugality but the ability to recognize the authentic value on things and to establish priorities, I wasted lots of energy and work in what I considered worth of sacrifice.  I've known very few people like me in this sense, I don't know to what extent a few exceptions can refute a conspiracy theory, but what calls into question a theory of this kind is conspirators will suffer the consequences as everyone else.  For example, is family breakage part of the plan?  Let's take the New Yorker “modern” woman we were sold through films and TV series, shining a masculine tailored suit even being pregnant; is to abandon her children education to institutions (and TV, of course) part of her “emancipation”?, by the way, since when who works is the boss?!  You know “mother fucker” is an international insult though this doesn't corner the cause either.  I grew up in what in the '60s, '70s was formally understood as a conventional middle class family, a married couple with two children living in a house in the suburbs, car, TV, dog, etc.  My father worked in a factory, my mother was a homemaker (she was the boss, of course), so I enjoyed her love and attention along my whole childhood and teenage years.  Besides loving me she trusted and respected me, it was the only relationship in my entire life I can say it fully met (reciprocally) the three important aspects I mentioned before.  While my father and brother also loved me in their way they significantly failed in the two other aspects, details aren't essential, suffice it to say living together with them wasn't even bearable to me.  But the question of interest now is if my mother had also failed in the trust and respect aspects would that make me a different person?, did I learn these values from her or they were already part of my temperament?  Let us remember that my brother, who as I'm suggesting had severe self-esteem problems, grew up in that same environment, so the only we can say for sure is that with love, trust and respect happens as with other aptitudes, who is not willing to learn won't do it, even from the best teacher.

The original cause is elusive, it ends being some kind of chicken and egg dilemma, does the environment condition individuals or vice versa?  Is loss of affection a consequence of the conditions that humans themselves have created?  Is humans' a “cause within the problem” case, hence it has no solution?  Or is humans' destructive tendency also part of Mother Nature plan?, in case It has one, perhaps there is no plan (God?).  Or, perhaps this is just an essay.