Avoiding Dependencies

Unfortunately, in 1987 I had to do the compulsory military service (In Argentina, where I'm from, it was abolished in 1994).  A pair of days before Christmas, three mates and me were on duty.  We had to stay four hours sitting in a room as reinforcement in case of emergency(!?).

In the calmly of the night the young officer in charge asked us, one by one, the typical 'What will you do if you win the Christmas lottery?'

At that time (I was nineteen) my companions and me thought we were just losing fourteen months of our lives.  Today, with half life experience on my back, I realize it was just one among the lot of arbitrary stupid things society makes us do.  Now I don't see a big difference between barracks, school, neighborhood or family.  I've suffered worse abuses from teachers, neighbors, friends, relatives than from sergeants or captains.  Violence is spontaneous, natural, explicit.  Despotism is, the most of the times, subliminal, innocent.

And people support these abuses because they don't dare to find out to what extent they really depend on all that stuff.

With the same confidence the young version of me added one more "life of luxury" to others' wishes I know exactly what I'd answer to the officer if I were able to go back to that instant of my life: "I'll buy a little house in a quiet place, far from all towns, and refrain myself from squandering."