Who is Roquesor?

I decided to publish here these three novels I wrote (in Spanish).  Separate but related by the story of Roquesor, a quite extravagant (and a bit crazy) individual, who tells us how in his reckless (space?) travels he reached nothing less than the universe boundaries, and how this feat was posible thanks to he lived three hundred years, (well, at least he's a funny narrator).  By the way, what do you think he could find out there?

No English translation for this, sorry!

  1. Las Enseñanzas del Señor Roquesor (©2000)
  2. La Venganza del Mutante (©2005)
  3. Viaje al No-Espacio (©2008)

For the last edition-correction work I did of my novels I used NVI (BSD version of the VI editor) and GNU Troff.