Social networks?

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Gaucho in the snow

Nah, just me. ;-)

As a modern and well-informed person that you surely are, you know that, some years ago, a teenager got rich supposedly “creating” the so-called social networking service, where you can publish content and be contacted.  Now, why do you think web and email servers were invented decades ago?  To bake pizza?

I have my own website and email account, what do I want those social networking services for?  What about you, do you already have yours?

If you can afford an Internet connection then it's also affordable for you buying a domain name and renting a web hosting service.  It's not expensive.  Then, in your web site, you can publish whatever you want in the way you want.  For the same price you'll have your own email addresses where you can be contacted.

Then, you can start with a single personal web page (eg picture + curriculum), there are hundreds of graphical applications where creating and editing a web page is as simple as editing a letter in any word processor; many years ago, when I was still totally ignorant in the matter, it only took me twenty minutes to write and upload my first web site using the old Netscape browser's composer (currently SeaMonkey,) if it takes you longer is because you're not really interested.  It's true that while these applications are good for a simple web site, they're not for complex ones in terms of functionality and style, in this case you should think about getting professional help.  Keep in mind that most of the features you see lately included in websites don't do anything really useful, they only eat resources (RAM, CPU, bandwidth,) slowing down page loading and, if that weren't enough, adding security problems.  You may wonder why everybody does that, well, you know how people go through life, instead of pondering whys and wherefores and choose the best deal according to their own conclusions they limit themselves to follow the cattle, against logic, they don't look for originality, on the contrary, they're very afraid of being judged wrong by others if their sites look different in any way or lack any of the useless trendy features they see the rest use.  On the other hand, most of those who sell web design and programming services are barely more skilled than end users, they have no idea how to write code, they just use a little more complex WYSIWYG applications.  That's why you see the world wide web populated by clones, bloated with garbage code inside.

So, please, help improve the world (or at least to slow down its decline): be yourself.

- Walter -