Web Design, Development and Hosting

(Versión en castellano)

My wife is a graphic designer and I have some knowledge in php-mysql programming and administering Unix-like systems.  We've been designing and developing web pages and providing webmasters assistance to our clients since 2006.


Since 2016 we run and manage our own web-mail server (located in Barcelona, Spain):

$ host roquesor.com
roquesor.com has address
roquesor.com mail is handled by 10 server.roquesor.com.
$ host domain name pointer server.roquesor.com.
(Write in your browser URL bar, press Enter and see what happens.)

There we exclusively host sites written by us from the first to the last line of code.  Some examples:

Is our service what you are looking for?

We aim to offer an alternative to what big companies already offer allegedly for free.  Hence:

Hence, your disk usage (in our server) will remain no more and no less than what your web site takes, it'll grow only in case you decide to add new content, so the hosting price won't indefinitely increase as time passes.  In the email case another important point is privacy, contrary to what big companies do we don't sell your personal data or use it in marketing statistics, that's why we don't need to push you to store your messages in our server telling you lies like “unlimited disk space” as big companies do (be aware that anyone can resell disk space.)  Once you downloaded your messages they are deleted from our server and from then on you and only you have access to your personal data, as common sense says it always should be.

We won't make you suffer annoying ticket systems bureaucracy as all big companies do today. In case of any problem or question you can just contact directly with us via conventional electronic mail and get authentic, human, personalized service.

In fact, this is precisely the environment I wanted for my own web site and email and one of the main reasons I take the initiative.

In summary.  If you want an original, well written web site, hosted in a responsibly managed environment and, overall, not to be treated as cattle, you may contact me or my wife first, since she is who makes the design part.  Your choice.