Design, Programming and Hosting of Web Sites

My wife is a graphic designer and I have some knowledge in php-mysql programming and in administering Unix-like systems.  We have been designing and developing web pages and giving support as web masters to our customers since 2006.


Our Own Web Server

As it sounds, we have our own web server.  We are located in Barcelona, Spain.

We decided to stop offering hosting to other web developers-managers (as we did when we rented hosting service to other companies) and to host just our clients' web sites, all of them written manually by us from the first to the last line of code, each one, properly said, a piece of craft, hence unique, not only in appearance.  Some examples:

Target public

As small entrepreneurs we are, we find more sense in offering you a real alternative; to get the typical blog or being able to access your email from seventeen smart-phones you already have what multinationals give you for free.  What you'll hardly find in the market is true stability, security and privacy.  People want to have all at once but, don't let anyone full you: there is no magical solution.  Following with the email example, it's not difficult to understand that there is a clear trade-off between accessing your mail from everywhere and security-privacy.  Note how even multinationals, being their first interest to capture your data, are being more restrictive and careful in this subject as time passes.  Then, being honest and realistic, in practice we won't be able to offer you the alternative we're talking about without sacrificing some flexibility.  From now:

These measures seem excessive today, but taking in care how the Internet is evolving (specifically in the security and privacy aspects) I bet they won't in the near future.

It's important to make the following clear.  I'm aware that, taking in care the way people have been accustomed, someone could easily take my arguments as some clumsy attempt to justify or hide lack or resources, if that's your case inform yourself about the matter, anyone can resell disk space.  Besides, the so called disk quotas were created as a security measure (eg against a DoS attack) not to diddle customers.  It's not about how much disk you use, in fact one of our customers' site occupies more than 4GB of disk in videos (another web master would suggest to link them from youtube,) the problem comes when you give others permission to add content, what happens with blogs comments, for example.

In summary.  If you want an original, well written web site, hosted in a responsibly managed environment and, overall, not to be treated as cattle, you may contact me or preferably my wife first, since she's who makes the design work.