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I've been practicing sports regularly along my whole life.  In my young years I practiced swimming, basketball, handball, bodybuilding.  Along my adult life I kept fit mostly running.  But it wasn't till now, in my fifties, that I indulged myself practicing the sport I've loved since I remember: boxing.  I went to a gym during a year but, at some point, since it was four towns far from where I am (I live in a urbanization in the mountains,) I decided to suspend the gym and try working out at home.  Near next it came coronavirus to support my decision.  Of course I have no sparring partners or a coach (who make pads with) at home as I had in the gym but, after seeing the videos below, you'll surely agree that, at least, its more pleasant working out in nature than in a noisy wet gym in the city.

Double end tennis ball

Tennis ball with dumbbells

Double end mini basketball

Basketball with dumbbells

Heavy bag

Jumping rope with ankle weights


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