The Smartest Animal

Dog that barks doesn't bite.  Is this why wolves don't?

But, why dogs bark?  I guess because taken advantage that among other annoying similarities they share with us the territorial instinct they've been used as alarms since men have owned a piece of land.

The problem is this habit, instilled along thousands of years by men in his cynically called “best friend,” has little sense in modern world, besides it means a inconvenience.  I live in a small urbanization on the mountains, houses with small land, attached to one another, each one with three or more dogs left outdoors day and night, from where they all can see, hear and smell all half mile around…, no need to be too clever to guess the result.  In vain I tried to reason with my neighbors, their answers where all of the kind “Hey, dogs bark” or “They're doing their job.”

Despite I'm no expert I know like men, dogs instinctively organize themselves in groups.  When I was a child (end of the '60s) there still were packs of wild dogs in Argentine provinces, even in Buenos Aires outskirts.  Those dogs weren't necessarily born free, some or most of them were abandoned pets, sign that at least at that time (and context) instinct was merely asleep, not dead as it seems to be today.  In our “urbanized” world this natural order is broken, for animals as well as for men.  A hundred children screaming and aleatory running in a schoolyard, a hundred pigs piled in a stall eating soybean meal, thousands of young people piled in a football stadium adoring a rock star as a living totem; the order we have got used to is efficient only from money point of view, the economy as it stands today.  We aren't still smarter than nature, we'll never be.

Back to the “pet alarm” topic.  It has sense in an isolated house at countryside, a privilege not affordable for most people today.  But crowded as we all currently live it means just to add more noise and stress to the big amount we already have to suffer every day.  Dogs don't understand their territory ends in their owner's fence.  Dogs aren't capable to analyze and modify their own habits according with context and need, they ignore what a vicious circle is, men however…, oops, it seems we found another annoying similarity!