What I Currently Do

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Since 2005, together with my wife, we've been offering web design, development and hosting.

What I Am Able to Do

I'm proficient in unix-like operating systems administration and programming.  I feel specially comfortable with shell scripting, useful for system administration tasks.

Using traditional tools, such as Apache or Sendmail, I can build a web or mail server from scratch on any unix-like system.  I'm able to deal with any further required system automation by writing shell scripts.  Despite not being an expert in C, I can also write small applications using this language (when optimized performance is required.)

Another thing I do is to build web applications using PHP and MySQL.

It's important to notice that someone who claims to be a unix-like systems administrator shouldn't need more than plain text tools to accomplish any related tasks.  The same can be said about a web “developer.”


I'm able to do much more on unix-like systems but I prefer to highlight here what I've implemented for years on production servers.

If you think I can be of any use to you, contact me.