What I Currently Do

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Since 2005, together with my wife, we've been offering web design, development and hosting.

What I Am Able to Do

I'm proficient in unix-like operating systems administration and programming.  I feel specially comfortable with shell scripting, useful for system administration tasks.

Using traditional tools, such as Apache or Sendmail, I can build a web or mail server from scratch on any unix-like system.  I'm able to deal with any further required system automation by writing shell scripts.  Despite not being an expert in C, I can also write small applications using this language (when optimized performance is required.)

Another thing I do is to build web applications using PHP and MySQL.

It's important to notice that someone who claims to be a unix-like systems administrator shouldn't need more than plain text tools to accomplish any related tasks.  The same can be said about a web “developer.”


I'm able to do much more with unix-like systems but I prefer to mention here only those I've implemented for years on production servers.


In the first paragraph I mentioned my old profession to give a clue as to why you won't find in this curriculim any entries about formal studies or jobs in other companies.  Everything I've done and learned in this field so far (since 2006) has been because my own initiative and for my own company.


I listen any proposal.  If you think I can be of any use to you, let me know.