Brief conceptual autobiography (Castellano)

I'm not a professional writer, so boring you with my biography makes little sense, I'll just tell you what I consider relevant to what I am publishing here.  Vocationally speaking I consider myself a philosopher, I feel identified with some popular definitions, for example that of “seeking the truth”, which at least in my case begins with myself; I've always tried to see and judge based on my own criteria.  Thanks to the daily practice of this exercise throughout my more than half a century of life I can boast that my gray hair is not just an ornament, and attest that this foundation in my approach has always given me the best results, at least in what has mostly depended on me.  The conceptual unity throughout my whole work is an example, even I get surprised myself when I reread my novels and confirm once again that from the first to the last topic or phrase they're all branches of the same tree, you'll get lost among wild and erratic associations, more than once you will think that you have lost the thread (or you will suspect that I have lost it) but, believe me, you will recover it before you know it.  This kind of coherence is not planned, and it's not possible without the exercise of honesty I explained before, without having watered that tree that is one's own personality every day.

Summarizing the main idea: my thoughts, therefore my personality, are my own craftsmanship and my greatest responsibility.  This approach has only one drawback, but it is big enough to discourage the bravest: engaging with a world that goes exactly in the opposite direction, in which the pretty lie is deliberately chosen.  Even as a child I realized that what I said made people uncomfortable, back then I didn't know why.  I spent all my childhood, adolescence and part of my youth keeping quiet, so as not to lose the few friends I had, but one cannot keep quiet for life, in the long run I ended up losing them anyway.  At the time I assumed that it didn't matter, considering this radical difference in approach there is no way to expose my way of thinking on any subject, either banal or important, without disturbing the rest.  About publishing my thoughts, the best analogy that occurs to me is that of warning the harms of drinking alcohol in a society of alcoholics, what completes my idea of vocation, that also coincides with another popular definition of “philosopher”: fool who wants to fix the world.  I am not just paraphrasing the well-known philosopher when I say that what I write is addressed to very few or none.

Despite all this, I understand that at a certain age we are not for drama, if you are looking for entertainment (and you're good at dodging punches) know that the satirical tone of my novels also makes them suitable for mere enjoyment.  And, above all, its genuine folklore.

     - Walter -

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