Parallel Realities (Castellano)

Having dinner, on their first date, he made an impression on her (especially because the suit and the expensive watch he was wearing) to the point that she invited him to her place that same night.  There arose the problem that would end up ruining the evening; as soon as she opened the door of her apartment a dachshund came out and jumped him straight to the balls.  Impossible to relax having a drink in her living room, the dog did not stop looking at him and growling.  “Better safe than sorry,” he thought, and went straight to the point.

“You're not one of those who sleep with their dog, right?”

“Come, dear, come,” she calls the dachshund, strokes its little head and the dog wags its tail.  “See?  We provide TLC each other.”

“For the record, I'm not going to go to bed with the beast.”

“That's something I didn't tell you.  I love my dog, whoever decides to be my partner will have to accept him as well.”

“Not the case, then.  I already have a partner.”

“Excuse me?”

“This is she,” showing a picture in his phone.

“Did you take that picture recently?  That girl is at least twenty years younger than you!”

“It's because she's actually my daughter.”


“As it sounds, my wife is also my daughter.  Of course we couldn't get married legally but we performed a nice intimate ceremony in my island.  Oh, that's another detail I didn't mention, I own a whole private island.”

“Are you mocking me?”

“No, seriously.  Let me explain, I adopted my wife when she was a baby and raised her by myself, alone in my island.  No TV, internet or phone.  Along her life the only human being she had contact with besides me was the priest I hired and just for the half hour the wedding took.  She has learned only and no more than what I've taught her.  Watch,” plays now a video in his phone showing a six-year-old girl sucking his cock.

“But…, you're a sick mother fucker!”

“Wait, you're seeing the negative aspect only.  Watch carefully.”

He shows her the video again.  Grateful as every child at that age when some adult pays them attention, the little girl was laughing and enjoying.  For the child it wasn't sex, just a game.

”It seems she's suffering to you?  Here she's older…”

And shows her another two videos of the alleged daughter-wife, now being she thirteen and twenty years old respectively.  In both she was practicing the same sexual act at the same position looking so happy as before.

”See?  As you with your pet, we provide TLC each other.  With one difference, I don't have to get tons of hair off my bed every morning.”

The thought this insane man could also be dangerous made her panic.  A tense silence followed.  She swore if she got out from this no amount of loneliness or abstinence would make her invite a stranger to her flat again.  She shed a tear.  He realized the moment had arrived, he held her tight from her shoulders, looked into her eyes and said.

”Hey, calm down, those videos aren't mine, I downloaded them from the web and made up this story to prank an ex-schoolmate of mine I hadn't seen for years.”

“What kind of joke is that?  Are you an idiot?”

“Well, actually, it's not a joke, but a way to show how people don't stop to think what they do and only accept what is instilled in them.  You grew up in a reality where to selfishly abuse a defenseless being, who not aware of the situation even pay for your cruelty with love…

“Shut up!  Get out of my house!  Did you hear me?”



“I don't even smoke cigarettes.”


Accustomed to produce this effect on people he calmly took his jacket and crossed the door as a gentleman.  From the elevator, he could still hear her yelling.


©2018 - Walter Alejandro Iglesias

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