Limitations (Castellano)

(Audio of Estallando desde el océano, by Sumo)

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The exercise in this episode of Gooevo has relation with what I explain in this article.  Contrary to what happens in Quino's strip, images are what change in this case, text stays (extracted from Sumo's song.)

Whichever facts and characters the narrator chooses to underline they're but part of a context, which doesn't end in the tale itself but merges into a much bigger one, the story (life) of whom the story is told, who in turn will stablish his own hierarchies.

I can hear you yawning, thinking I'm playing the philosopher with an obvious concept.  But I doubt this is obvious to most people since, if I do the math, almost all the fights I've had in my life were with individuals of the kind who assume they perfectly understand what others say and mean right after the words came out of their mouths.  Or, may we simply say those who assume to perfectly understand absolutely everything?

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