Postcambalache (Castellano)

In defense of others I could appeal to the words attributed to that guy on the cross, “Forgive them Father, they don't know what they are doing,” if it weren't for the fact that, contrary to what those who try to put me in doubt about myself, I never I was able to put into practice putting myself on a plane of superiority compared to the rest, mainly because objectively I do not perceive it to be like that, I have met many people whose talent, knowledge, ability, will were remarkable, however they focused these resources on what the current context requires to survive.  And since the world, as humans have distorted it, has become so complex (when I say complex I do not mean it in a positive sense) training has necessarily become specialized; the more complex the task, the more specialization and focus it requires from the person who performs it.  Let us add to this that in modern life, as the globally predominant modern capitalist system proposes it, the individual long ago ceased to be a “person” and became an automaton, a machine to produce and consume.  I have crossed paths with few who are intelligent in the broad sense, intelligent to think and decide for themselves in the art of living, for the simple reason that the system exhausts the resources of the individual as far as the functioning of the system is concerned, forcing the individual to leave aside, totally abandoned, his own interests as a person, as a living being.  Not even those who dedicate themselves to art or philosophy necessarily stop at these issues.  To give an example: is it necessary to clarify that this is why few friendships, couples, marriages, families last today?  We see how in societies governed by different or even supposedly opposite policies, the individual is reduced to the same thing, there is no difference in the role that he ends up playing whether in a liberal capitalism, a socialist government or a communist regime, the person is always seen reduced to a mere cog in the machinery.  I cannot be sure if it is due to the effect of overpopulation, of our plague condition, the point is that in the current context the exponentially growing process of individual alienation is irreversible and inevitable.  When will we hit rock bottom?  Ask the man from the Cross, if one day he decides to return (and he doesn't leave again, washing his hands, like he did the first time.)

©2024 - Walter Alejandro Iglesias

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