Fiction (Castellano)

Its dreamlike atmosphere reminded me of Woody Allen's comedies: five adult guys enjoying mutual friendship in New York...  Surely, like me, you lived the happiness of that ideal friendship as your own as well as the protagonist's platonic love for another member of the group, which kept the tension from the first to the last episode along the nine seasons the TV show lasted.  In a second level of fiction, surely quite a few also fantasized about becoming famous actors and earn fortunes just by having a good time in a TV studio, as videos of bloopers make us believe.

Not before the show was over we found out (as she disclosed to the media) that the young actress who played the role of beloved—where all our desire and frustration converged,—while working hard with the rest of the group in helping us to overlook our own sorrows, was also undergoing surgeries to eradicate an ovarian cancer she'd been diagnosed at the age of twenty five.

©2014 - Walter Alejandro Iglesias

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