Egalitarian (Castellano)

They get bored even before finding out what it's about, also with topics that they themselves propose and sell with marked enthusiasm at any social event.  They instantly forget what they guessed by reading just the first line of each paragraph.  But they'll get very angry if you dare to doubt any of their conclusions.  Useless is supporting your point explaining foundations, besides tedious they'll find them complex and end thinking you're patronizing them, considering them “inferior,” and will accuse you of being proud and pretentious.  This is the point at where is advisable to abandon the discussion, if you don't buy the crazy lies that follow it'll come the voice rising, then the insults and eventually, if you insist in not accepting what they are imposing, the threat and the violence, because they've already also made unfounded conclusions about how easy would be to “kick your ass.”

The outspoken fascist jumps straight to the last step as he sees no need to hide that he is the one who underestimated you, from the start and for arbitrary reasons.

©2019 - Walter Alejandro Iglesias

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