Chasing the Carrot (Castellano)

You see them walking fast, focused on what they think they want to achieve, immune to their surroundings, as if they were wearing workhorse blinders.  Touch their shoulder, they'll ignore you.  It is no coincidence that our materialistic society reward these poor fools, it first tied the carrot around their necks.

Over time, they will find themselves carrying more responsibilities than their shoulders can bear, doing the work of others and for others, deriving little or no personal benefit.  At this point, whether they realize they were scammed or not, it is too late to escape, they will probably spend many years, even the rest of their lives, walking in circles, like a donkey in a mill.

Lost androids of modernity, that's how I nicknamed them.  They will die ignoring that what is relevant and enriching is found when one stops searching, chasing, when one wisely deviates from the path of success, looks around with an open mind and heart and gives the fair opportunity to what this life and their nature have to offer.

©2021 - Walter Alejandro Iglesias

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